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With Vignan Online we have raised the bar higher, for ourselves. Innovation, global curriculum, world-class education, top-notch faculty along with a special focus on strengthening ethical values & developing social consciousness amongst students, has led to a paradigm shift in the way higher education is delivered & received. And we are on top of it. Our learnings of 45 years, we are now taking beyond the hallways of the University and offering to students anywhere & everywhere.

Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology, and Research (VFSTR) Deemed-to-be University

45 years is a long time for any institute worth its salt to carve a space for itself while also shaping the future of the community, at large. And we have been focussed on that since our inception. Led by a continuous urge to innovate, with a deep-seeded moral code, today we, at Vignan, are shaping students into successful professionals ready to take on leadership roles across industries.

We aim to provide high quality academic programs, facilitate training & research activities, increase industry - institute interactions & promote employability, entrepreneurship & leadership amongst students. And in turn, contribute towards the economic & technological development of the society, at large.

This is our way of giving back to the system which has trusted us with its development.

Vignan University



Dr. L. Rathaiah
Dr. L. Rathaiah

Chancellor, VFSTR Deemed to be University & Chairman, Vignan Group

Dr. L. Rathaiah - Chancellor, VFSTR Deemed to be University & Chairman, Vignan Group


“Others saw the problem, he sought the solution”


The difference between dreamers and innovators is that a dreamer just dreams and does nothing to realize it, while an innovator charts his own path and breathes life into his ideas. That streak of originality is the distinct quality that makes innovators a breed apart from the ordinary people of this world. Dr. L. Rathaiah, Chancellor of Vignan group of institutions, was destined to be different, or should we say, he chose to be different. He was not content with just teaching. He spotted the chinks in the education system of the state and went about changing it to make it more effective, productive, and powerful. He successfully altered the education scenario in Andhra Pradesh and brought about a socio-economic revolution of sorts. The education fraternity was so persuaded by the strength of this alternate model that they adopted the new system of imparting education without any reservation. The system initiated by this illustrious educationist became instrumental in affecting a paradigm shift in the whole education scenario of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana). This novel model had the desired impact of enhancing the employability of the youth and shaping them into successful professionals capable of donning top leadership roles in their chosen field of interest.

Today the state of Andhra Pradesh is an acknowledged hub for education. It has especially become famous for its technical education. Dr. L. Rathaiah has indeed set the benchmark in the field of higher education and has been the guiding light for many others in the state. Truly, Dr. Lavu. Rathaiah with his relentless efforts and dedication has changed the educational landscape of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

“Human resources, especially trained and professionally qualified are the strength and wealth of any country. This was the thought that prompted me to start Vignan. If today Vignan is successful, it only means that we are moving in the right direction. My desire is to see India at the pinnacle of glory, it once enjoyed during the evolution of human civilization in the glorious era of Takshila and Nalanda.”


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